Sana & Samia Latest Celebre Collection 2012-2013 by Lala


Sana and Samia are two famous fashion designers worked together for Lala?s clothing. Sana Samia?s has recently launched their Sana & Samia Celebre Collection by Lala and gained so many attention and fame by their customers. Sana Samia?s are back with their latest magnific collection 2015-16 for this up coming season of Summer. Sana Samia?s latest collection has very beautiful casual wear prints and vibrant colors used in this collection and embellished with embroidery. This collection is really wonderful and lovely. All you females can wear this sweet collection. Lala textile has used Chiffon and Cotton in their latest lawn collection for women. Stay a bit here and just check out this stunning and glamorous casual wear & Party wear collection 2015-16 by Sana Samia?s for Lala?s.Sana & Samia?s Celebre Collection by Lala encompasses designs for the modern, urbane and chic woman with its bold embroidered motifs and crochet lace accented by chiffons to give the perfect light, summery look. The collection is the embodiment of the contemporary woman who is lively and energetic and likes dressing stylishly, leaving an impression wherever she goes.Let?s take a look and get ready for this season of spring 2015-16. Sana-Samia-Latest-Celebre-Collection-2015-16-2015-16-by-Lala-casual-dress.jpg